Cleanly integrate email into your product.

PostAgent has every tool you need to send and monitor email.

It's the easiest mail API you've ever worked with.

Send mail at any scale. From 100 a day or 10k per second.
Receive mail and route it to webhooks or forward it.
Send batch mail to millions of recipients in one API call.
Solve technical & business problems with our "full take" detailed logs.
Expect full standard compliance & strict encryption.
Our clear graphs and tooling make locating problems easy.
We're extremely serious about uptime and instant failover. Check out our reliability page.

As a startup or growing business you need to focus on your product, not get distracted with time consuming tasks like configuring and operating email servers.

PostAgent takes 30 seconds to integrate into your app, and there's no new libraries to include or learn. Just send our HTTP API your mail body as JSON or use our SMTP relay with your existing software.


The best way to detect problems is by looking at visual representations of data. PostAgent offers a filterable graph as well as the ability to export data as JSON and XML for programs like Excel.


To help you find technical and deliverability problems PostAgent creates detailed logs of all sending and receiving activity. The entire mail body and headers, meta-data, timestamped SMTP session, and PostAgent processing times are available for viewing for 14 days on all plans, including free users.

It's quite cool to be able to look at any email and watch the exact back and forth steps it took to deliver it to it's destination. Of course it's also hugely useful in understanding why your mail is failing or being rejected as well.


Whether you send 100 emails a day or 10,000 per second PostAgent can handle your scale with the same reliability. Just create your mail body as semantic JSON and POST it to us, we'll process it into standard compliant encoding and send it for you. There's nothing to learn and no libraries to include in your program.


We offer a batch API that allows you to send to up to 1 million recipients in a single HTTP request. You can automatically customize these emails per recipient using our simple templating strings.

Recipients can be added from a list or our embeddable form.

Receive & route

If you want to accept mail, PostAgent can also act as a mail exchange. Incoming mail can be routed to webhooks or relayed to another email address.

If your servers can't be reached immediately we'll retry sending it to you many times for up to 14 days.