Start sending for free.
Then pay per use.

Send or receive 10,000 emails per month for free.

Then grow with our tier-less, "pay only for what you use" pricing.

Estimate your monthly cost:
Mail Volume
Monthly cost
Send & Receive Mail
$1/ 10K emails
First 10k free each month.
Large mail incurs additional fees [1]
HTTP API, SMTP Relay, & Webhooks
Advanced inbound routing: webhooks & forwarding
Automatic suppressions
Analytics & graphing
Tracking & marketing campaigns integration API (+$1 per 10k events [2])
"full take" searchable logs for past 14 days
Exportable logs: XML, JSON
Fast live chat support (8am - 6pm)
Verification API
$1/ 1k validations
Confirm inboxes exist before sending to protect your bounce reputation.
Stops fake signups
Scan ESPs like Gmail to detect if email addresses are real
Improves your deliverability
Detect & block common "temporary" inbox services
Scan your mailing lists or call the API manually
Dedicated IPs
$65/ MO / IP
Start building IP reputation to improve your deliverability.
Automated ramp up to train ESP filters
Blacklist history checked to ensure issued IP is clean
High throughput & unlimited bandwidth
Managed Sending
$749+/ MO
Work 1-on-1 with a mail engineer.
Contact us for exact pricing.
Proactive monitoring
Domain reputation management
Blacklist detection
10,000 sends/second rate limit
Technical support to integrate our APIs
HIPAA Compliance
Dedicated phone support

New account fee

To prevent people from abusing the free tier to send spam, we charge a one time $5 fee when you add your first domain. You can try the product prior to paying using our demo subdomain with up to 5 recipients.

The fee acts as a "captcha" and protects our customer's sending reputation from being associated with spam.

Pricing examples

The pricing system runs on credits. You purchase credits in $5 blocks which equates to 50,000 credits - equal to 50,000 emails at the base rate described above ($1 per 10k).

[1] Emails consume more than one credit if certain conditions are met. If they are larger than 200kb they consume two credits. If they are larger than 2mb they consume three credits and an additional credit per every 2mb after.

Examples: If you send a 174kb email it consumes 1 credit. A 215kb email consumes 2 credits. A 1.9mb email consumes 2 credits. A 7.8mb email consumes 5 credits. The average email rarely exceeds 50kb so these costs shouldn't be a concern.

[2] If you enable tracking on emails they consume an additional credit per email.

These little fees can be annoying, but they help save you money. Other mail APIs typically cost 5-10 times as much as our base rate, so they are just building these costs in whether you use the feature or not. With PostAgent you can selectively add tracking only for your marketing emails but not for things like reset password emails. This saves your business money.

All accounts get 10,000 free credits at the start of each month. Free credits do not rollover to the next month.

Notice: 1mb = 1000kb

Rate Limits

New accounts have a rate limit of 50 sends per second. Contact support to have this raised for free. 10,000 per second is available on our managed sender plans.

There is no rate limit on inbound mail.